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JTB Associates CPAs specializes in IRS audits. We represent taxpayers before the collections and examination divisions of the IRS and state tax agencies.

There is no charge for an initial consultation. Whether you choose a face to face meeting at our office or a telephone consultation, you will speak directly with an experienced CPA who will provide you with a free, confidential consultation. We will ensure that your rights as a taxpayer are respected by the IRS. And by having us as your representative, you will no longer have to deal directly with the IRS.

There are several different types of IRS letters and not all of them spell immediate doom. Some, are asking for clarification of a matter, that has nothing to do with things on your end. For example, with stock transactions, there are clearing houses, and at times, duplicate entries for stock trades are reported. The IRS can not tell, if it is extra money on a 1099, or just amount, reported twice. However, the IRS audit letter is probably one of the worst letters you can receive. It is wise to engage an experienced tax accountant when you receive an IRS audit notice because many IRS notices are incorrect. Taxpayers often pay additional taxes fearing a full-blown IRS audit if they question a notice. An experienced tax accountant can help you navigate the complexities and resolve the issue quickly. We can review the IRS notice and decide if professional services are required, or if you can easily handle the matter yourself. .

Tax matters are a complicated subject. Don't go through the process without assistance, we suggest reviewing our free tax guides, available through the Client Login.


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JTB Associates LLC CPA is an Illinois based certified public accounting and business consulting firm. JTB Associates CPAs provides core accounting services, like payroll, and IRS Resoluion. JTB is nationwide, local area is Illinois communities like Serving the Chicago metropolitan area Northbrook,Grayslake,Wheaton,Naperville,Skokie,Oak Brook,Springfield,West Chicago,Rolling Meadows,Oakbrook Terrace,Crystal Lake,Wilmette,Highland Park,Gurnee,Libertyville,Elgin,Elkgrove Village, Elmhurst . JTB Associates, LLC is a Certified Public Accounting Firm and Business Consulting Firm based in Chicago, Illinois.